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My Mind is Already Gone (2015)

On 31, May 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

Uncle Bobby 2

As soon as I hit play, I realise this song is already gone, gone to the realms of ordinary reality. Uncle Bobby opens this masterpiece with an ocean of psychedelic bliss, filling the waterbed for the pillows of bass and drums that drop right when you want them to. Eighteen-year-old Robert Downie (I kid you not) plays his own sitar; it sits eerily beneath the smooth synthesiser soundscape. The beat is sensitively jilted, and the bass glides smoothly between high and low registers, making the fatness count when it really goes down.

The wonderful thing about this track is its fresh approach to the genre. The references are honest and clear. My Mind Is Already Gone does psychedelic music justice, from the 60s to 2015. What brings Uncle Bobby’s work into the light is the way it introduces an electronic flavour to the sound, with hints of Flying Lotus, Bonobo and a strong hip hop element. His use of watery, enveloping samples plays with the senses and makes repeat listening easy.

It’s exciting to think it’s only the first release from Uncle Bobby’s upcoming EP. The profound technical ability of the teenager is startling, as the rhythmic filters on the vocals in the second verse somehow create the feeling of a waterfall and a bonfire, or maybe an enormous wave breaking on your head, only to find a lost mermaid city. The use of space in My Mind Is Already Gone is masterful, giving the listener the ability to relax, despite the sonic richness. The lyrics are even spacious, and are more meaningful as a result. Uncle Bobby’s voice is distinctive and evocative, maintaining vibrancy and tone and soaring effortlessly, ‘ … the all seeing eye’.


Review written by Marlzipan Bergofsky for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’


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