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Crystal Water EP (2014)

On 27, Sep 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


I have a distinct childhood memory that surfaces when I listen to Tim Bennett’s EP ‘Crystal Water’. It’s summer. A muggy, early evening, heavy rainstorm, sun has just set. I’m lying on the floor in my room listening to my newly acquired copy of Sade’s ‘Promise’. It’s on vinyl, speakers popping, crackling the air with electricity. I can smell the dust wafting through the screens in my window. I’m fourteen.

That combination of experiences resurfaces every time I hear that record, pulls me right back to that moment. This EP has a quality to it that I know is going to get to me in the same way. I think Sade will likely put this record on when she wants to get in the mood for making one of her own.

First off it must be noted that this music is sexy. Not a funky kind of sexy but a yearning, sophisticated, understated, deep sexy that comes from someone who knows how to hold back. Throughout the record, there’s a warmth and tone to Tim’s vocal timbre that’s really compelling to me.

The first track, ‘Dreamer’, is a subtle, driving piece with silky vocals and harmonies. It’s full of introspection so I can’t help but go inward when I hear it. The production is subdued, tasty and exciting. Great opener.

My favourite track on the EP is the final cut, ‘By My Side’. Super vibey—love the acoustic part on this piece. It’s easy for me to like a well-performed, well-recorded, well-doubled vocal like Tim’s. Again, really nice sparse production and musical choices. Ben Karsay’s drumming is really tasty and his pocket is DEEP.

I highly recommend this offering from Mr. Bennett. If you like great tones and songs, beautiful arrangements, and really stellar playing, there’s everything to like about this recording. My one complaint is that it’s over too quickly. I want more. But it’s easy for me to let this repeat a few times without tiring of it, so less is definitely more.

Pop it on, get comfy, and smell the rain through your speakers.


Review written by Brian Macmillan for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’


Listen and buy your copy of Crystal Water here.

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Check out Tim Bennett’s Facebook page here.


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