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I Can Live Forever EP (2016)

On 06, Mar 2016 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets are an almost indefinable party band from Edmonton, Alberta. They are rock & roll. They are punk. They are psychedelic. They’re even a little pop. The list just does not end. But whatever it is, it’s undeniably unique and it’s also fantastic.

The band was formed by lead vocalist/bass player Lyle Bell (Shout Out Out Out Out), drummer Trevor Anderson, and trumpet-ist/vocalist Kim Rackel in 2006. Their current line up is rounded out by Paul Arnusch on keys, Emma Frazier on trombone/vocals and finally Christan Maslyk on saxophone/timbale duties. Each individual member of the band is fantastic in their own right however the six of them together will bring a smile to your face right before making your head explode.

‘I Can Live Forever’ is the Wet Secret’s first release since taking the coveted top prize in the first ever Alberta Peak Performance Project in 2014 as well as getting picked up by Six Shooter Records—who have built an impressive roster of artists in recent years. A new full-length album by the band is expected later in 2016 so this release is simply a taste. And what a taste it is.

We open with ‘I Can Swing a Hammer’; an uptempo four-on-the-floor drum intro which segues into grungy yet almost epic bass chords then quickly builds layers of assertive lead vocals, awesomely sugary harmonies, and spastic, effective organ leads and accents almost in the vein of Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump it Up’. Home-run right off the bat.

The EP continues to thrive using a similar yet effective formula throughout, driving into the anthemic and cheeky tune ‘If I Was a Camera’ (which is also sing-along perfection). This is followed by the fast-paced, unconventional and painfully catchy ‘Final Curtain for a Drama Queen’.

The album comes to a close with the dreamy and psychedelic tune ‘Quelle Surprise’, which is a bit of a departure from the rest of the songs, but is a fitting closer and still contains the typical Wet Secrets charming eccentricities and whimsy.

This band has an unquestionable gift for hooks. The songs are infectious and wildly fun. If I weren’t in such terrible shape you can bet your bum-bum that I would be making numerous attempts at high kicks and simultaneous fist pumps.

Listening to ‘I Can Live Forever’ as a whole is simply an enjoyable experience. Each song contains witty lyrics, is confident, cleverly constructed, arranged and performed. There is a certain thoughtfulness that has gone into every note and beat that is played, paired with perfectly appropriate production which results in the end product being rather satisfying as well as very true to this band’s live performance.

Please note: a Wet Secrets concert is just something that every human being needs to experience before they die. The members wear matching marching band suits then a non-stop rock & roll dance party ensues. They are the very definition of entertainment.

If the B52s and The Stranglers got trashed and had a no-pants party, The Wet Secrets would be the offspring. And I dig it.

Released 08-Jan-2016 ℗ Six Shooter Records


Review written by Jen Forster (Drummer @ Miss Quincy) for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’


Listen and buy your copy of I Can Live Forever here.

Check out The Wet Secrets’ Website page here.


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