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LP (2014)

On 30, Sep 2014 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


Delve into this young band’s song-craft and you’ll discover that it resonates with classic sophistication reminiscent of four young lads from Liverpool fifty years ago. Boasting feel-good harmony flawlessly delivered by the Nobel brothers who seamlessly share the lead vocal across different tracks, the Lovely Days are a breath of fresh air on the Melbourne scene.

Think Beatles, think Steely Dan, and then for a curveball think Tame Impala. Timeless songwriting, accessible lyrics and memorable hooks. Tracks that take you on a real journey start to finish. None of this ABAB biz—buildups, transitions, epiphanies, all with a psychedelic bent that will leave you guessing. Vocalist Tennyson Nobel channels McCartney’s ‘Lady Madonna’ tone as the band drops mushrooms, time-travelling and shape-shifting into a fly on the wall for the making of Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’.

There’s a definite West Coast-California-of-old meets West-Coast-Australia-of present-day sound—it’s obvious these guys have absorbed the best of Kevin Parker’s (Tame Impala) bedroom to stadium vibe. The Lovely Days’ debut LP was recorded on retreat at the Nobel brothers’ family home in the Byron Shire, and the joy of the process is palpable. What better scenario than four friends in a house capturing music with no time limit? Production values do not suffer. The depth of field is as epic as the mature–beyond-their-years songwriting.

Standout tracks are hard to name, because as the LP title suggests, this is an album to be experienced in its entirety, and every track shines. ‘Get To Know You’ has to be mentioned. It is a feel-good track about falling in love, with guitar tone to die for, and lush harmony. Drummer Marley Berry-Pierce soars effortlessly through the breakdown into a dynamic build-up. His playing is stellar throughout, and the backbone of much of the arranging.  ‘The Weight’ closes the record with an infectious pulse and a classic guitar hook, begging you to let go of the weight on your back. This debut record is an uplifting affair.

Old-school in all the best ways, but new-school in terms of fan accessibility, you can access the entire album for streaming on SoundCloud. Don’t waste your time, check it out now. I guarantee it will brighten your day.


Review written by Aurora Jane for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’ 


Listen to The Lovely Days’ LP on SoundCloud

Check out The Lovely Days’ facebook page here.


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