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Unraveling (2015)

On 11, Aug 2018 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

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This Melbourne male/female duo is so undeniably distinctive, creative and experimental, that their music reaches far beyond the scope of multi-genre, it is multi-dimensional. In a world of myriad musical influences, there are few musicians who can perfectly balance the ability to deeply personify a multitude of genres in both technique and intent. For The Imprints, this appears as an effortless mastery, as they skip stones across the sonic landscape, inviting us into an intricate universe of life painted by bow in a palette of rosin.

It is hard to believe that aside from drums and percussion, the rich body of The Imprints sound is made up almost entirely from violin. ‘Unraveling’ is the duo’s third album, and unveils both a musical maturity and a fresh approach to composition. Recorded and mixed by Damien Charles (Gotye, Hiatus Kaiyote, Blue King Brown), the album is a departure from the band’s signature multi-genre instrumental looping sound.

With releases and popular live performances to date (Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe…) traversing gypsy, folk, reggae, dub and electronica, ‘Unraveling’ introduces us to a new realm of possibility as Willow Stahlut’s lush, dreamy vocals join evocative psychedelic textures and soundscapes. Lyrically this album is delightfully reflective, introspective, and beautiful. It carries an air of intimacy, delicate and steady as a hand drawing a bow across the strings.

Willow plays the violin with such passion and unfathomable ability. Few musicians can walk the tightrope of classical discipline and experimental improvisation as she does. Complemented by the deep pocket, flawless nuances and poly-rhythmic drive of drummer/producer Linden Lester, this duo’s chemistry is as palpable on record as it is during their stunning live performance.

All My Life is a standout track, dreamy reggae, with a great vocal hook, as is ‘Wanderer’, which features an infectious psychedelic drum and bass vibe. My favourite track, ‘Subdued’, is so richly sophisticated from a production perspective, that it had me fantasising about hearing this album in 5.1 (Surround Sound).

The way The Imprints paint the world of human emotion on ‘Unraveling’ is breathtaking. It is as though they are simultaneously surrealist painters and neuroscientists, activating both hemispheres of the brain in perfect harmony. If you are tired of ever-present guitar or keys as the dominant harmonic provider, explore this record and discover a refreshingly different sound.


Review written by Aurora Jane for Mojo Juction – ‘Artists on Artists’


Preview tracks ‘Unraveling’ & ‘The Sea’ on Soundcloud. Album available this month on iTunes. Stay tuned for announcement.

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