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On the Gold EP (2015)

On 21, Aug 2018 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


On her latest EP Oh The Gold, Melbourne artist Ainslie Wills shines a bright light on the beauty and fragility of the human condition. Alongside longtime writing partner Lawrence Folvig and Brisbane producer Matt Redlich, her latest musical offerings come to life with stunning depth and intricacy. Each track unveils the perfect union of concept and production. This is soul-enriching, world-class art with a timeless pop sensibility.

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Wounded City (2015) EP

On 17, Jul 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


In late 2014 I first became aware of Matt Witney’s solo project through the release of a track complete with hauntingly beautiful film clip—’Just Where’. I love this track. It features Mike Medleycott on piano and for me it’s definitely the stand out. As a whole, on my first listen I didn’t fall in love with every track, but by the second listen the EP left me with a deep longing for bushland, nostalgic Northern memories of sugarcane, humidity, fire. Matt is definitely a cat who is connected to the land and he’s spun an opulent sensory trip that keeps giving.

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LP (2014)

On 30, Sep 2014 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


Delve into this young band’s song-craft and you’ll discover that it resonates with classic sophistication reminiscent of four young lads from Liverpool fifty years ago. Boasting feel-good harmony flawlessly delivered by the Nobel brothers who seamlessly share the lead vocal across different tracks, the Lovely Days are a breath of fresh air on the Melbourne scene.

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The Island of Dr Electrico (2014)

On 31, May 2014 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

bombay royale

Picture a vintage Bollywood Bond film, shot on location by Tarantino, a tropical Indian island, with a soundtrack as epic, dynamic and intriguing as War of the Worlds. The Bombay Royale’s sophomore album is nothing short of genius from a production perspective. Effortlessly warm, this album’s analogue crunch evokes the atmosphere of a bygone Bollywood era, transporting the listener to the alternate dimension of ‘The Island of Dr.Electrico.’ Read more…

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Oh Mother (2013)

On 24, Nov 2012 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

From the moment you hit play, the rich dimension of this record is deeply engaging. Kicking off with title track ‘Oh Mother’, Rachelle’s signature smoky vocals are intimately revealing about her emotions around her mother’s recent passing.  Lyrically on this record, Rachelle’s openness is incredibly compelling. It feels like she is whispering and weaving her insightful life stories into your ear to warm your heart.

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