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Hiatus Kaiyote Archives - Mojo Junction

Vitreous Act II EP (2015)

On 30, Nov 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


At once both primal and futuristic, intellectual and visceral, Vitreous II by local act Kardinal is one epic slab of heaviness. It’s the second in a series of three releases by Melbourne-based composer and instrumentalist Nick Delaney, following on from the awesome Vitreous I. And it’s totally massive. Purely instrumental, insanely complex, yet still palatable through some very clean production, this release explores the more complex rhythmic side of heavy music.

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Choose Your Weapon (2015)

On 31, May 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

Hiatus Kaiyote Choose Your Weapon

This is no case of three strikes and you’re out—this record is out of the park and into the ether like a m*)&^%cking flying saucer—a third home run. This hat-trick Hiatus review is happening because this band continue to inspire with their cutting-edge never-heard-before juxtaposition of fluid musicality and frequency manipulation that is about as NOW as music could be. If you don’t already know who they are, to get worded up check out the previous reviews of Tawk Tomahawk and By Fire, cause this review is going to stick with the music, exploring highlights from this whopping 18-track masterpiece. Read more…

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Unraveling (2015)

On 01, Apr 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane

cover square version brighter

This Melbourne male/female duo is so undeniably distinctive, creative and experimental, that their music reaches far beyond the scope of multi-genre, it is multi-dimensional. In a world of myriad musical influences, there are few musicians who can perfectly balance the ability to deeply personify a multitude of genres in both technique and intent. For The Imprints, this appears as an effortless mastery, as they skip stones across the sonic landscape, inviting us into an intricate universe of life painted by bow in a palette of rosin.

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BY FIRE (2014) EP

On 30, Nov 2014 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


Future Soul artists Hiatus Kaiyote have served us a delectable appetiser from ‘Choose Your Weapon’, their much-anticipated sophomore album due out in March 2015. I’m over the moon that we didn’t have to wait until then to hear this otherworldly music. The meeting of these great musical minds transcends simple earthly definition, but I’ll do my best. These artists are well worthy, given the rocket-ship of midnight oil burned in order to sculpt this intricate sonic masterpiece.

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