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G.T.P.W.T.W (2014)

On 30, Sep 2014 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


She’s smokin’, sexy, strong, powerful, and smooth. They are solid, chilled, punchy, groovin’, and experts in their field and style. Together they are an incredible array of musicians who dominate that old school flavor, transporting you back in time to an era of classy, soulful and authentic jukebox sounds.

Over the first two weeks of September this year we had the absolute pleasure of following these dudes around Australia supporting them in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne. Every night they blew us away with their prowess and delivery, always bringing a magnificent display of visual and sonic pleasure.

This album is as its name advertises, even if you didn’t know beforehand that it’s what you wanted. Each track has its own unique flavour but maintains consistency throughout the album with the style and sound of American soul and funk from the 60s and 70s. Since Daptone Records’ inception in 2000 it has strived to recognise the importance of preserving a more traditional analogue approach to its recording methods that gives its records that authentic soul/funk sound.

The instrumentation includes trumpet, tenor sax, baritone sax, bongos, congas, glockenspiel, tambourine, tubular bells, drum kit, bass, guitars, and, of course, the sassy backing vocals of the Dapettes. Special mention must be made of the impressive tambourine skills of backing singer Saundra Williams, who puts on quite a show during their live sets.

Give The People What They Want is excellently crafted and mixed to allow for a clear and roomy sound given its complex line-up and composition. Each part of the ensemble is clearly audible yet allows space for Ms. Jones’ piercing vocals to soar right through the middle, creating a supporting hug of warmth around her.

This record has so much that I love about it. Great walking bass lines and tone; sharp, snappy snare hits; dreamy backing vocals and harmonies; variations in tempo and emotional lyrical content; creative composition, and banging grooves and rhythms. Not to mention being made by a great bunch of fellas to boot. Sharon Jones is incredible—strong and beautiful—and despite recent health issues and hard times, she has come back with resilience to continue spreading her shining passion with the world.


Review written by Parvyn Kaur Bennett (Bombay Royale) for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’ 


Buy your copy of Give The People What They Want here.

Visit the website here.


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