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On 27, Sep 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


We live in a time where our choice of words plays a big part in the conscious evolution of our minds and being. What I take from Radical Son’s work is the importance of the word, the importance of not wasting our words, or our time in general—of bringing something meaningful to the world.

Released on the boundary-pushing label Wantok Musik, with production by UK heavyweight Lotek, and the Radical Son Band, they’ve done a great job in crafting an easy-to-listen-to record. When I say ‘easy-to-listen-to’, I’m not saying this is an ‘easy-listening’ record, we’re talking a heavy hitting soul, hip hop, reggae, roots infused album. There’re some dope tracks, with ‘Rock On’ a clear stand out and ‘Human Behaviour’ another personal favourite. On a recent road trip we gave the album quite a few back-to-back spins for no other reason than it’s the type of record that’s easy to listen to on repeat.

There’s no denying it’s a serious thing—he talks and sings, we listen, we feel.  It’s feel-good and meaningful, which resonates perfectly with me and with many others. Intertwined between songs are spoken word readings by Archie Roach and Pat Mau (Mau Power), giving a deeper meaning and presence to the entire body of work. There’s an array of special guests adding yet more dimension: Emma Donovan and Deline Briscoe feature on ‘One Dream’, King RU on the aforementioned ‘Rock On’, Steve Spacek on ‘Talk To Me’, Mau Power on ‘Footsteps’ and Crystal Mercy on ‘Highest of Love’. All the guests obviously appreciate Radical Son’s work, which gives project another level of sincerity and legitimacy. If Radical Son was aiming to bring you a sense of unity, community and solidarity when you listen, he’s done it nicely. Lyrics like “There is a higher power, a way to connect with each other, The one Love, The highest of Love”, hit the sweet spot.

If you’ve seen Radical Son live you’ll know the all engaging power and presence he brings to the stage. I rate Radical Son and his record highly; it’s a solid statement and comes at a time when the country is calling out for such important works. If you’ve ever created a record, you’ll know it’s an epic undertaking. I take my hat off to Radical Son, and to anyone who has overcome life’s challenges to bring to the world a creative statement that gets us thinking more deeply and moving towards a higher state of being. Check out the record, let it play through, let its cause and effect be felt.


Review written by Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown) for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’ 


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