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Breakfast EP (2015)

On 27, Mar 2015 | In Artists on Artists | By jane


Some Food for Thought

Most will agree, the first meal of the day is the most important of the day.

Meals debut EP, ‘Breakfast’ is as hearty and wholesome as a Sunday morning veggie stack at Greens (Sydney Road Brunswick). It’s massive and so damn tasty that one can’t help but wonder if that much good is bad for you. The only difference is when you reach the end of the ‘Breakfast’ EP, you find yourself thinking, ‘I could eat all of that again’,

and that is precisely what I did. I have had these tracks on loop in my van since Marley Berry-Pearce, the master ‘chef’ of this creation, handed me a copy a week ago. It’s all so very lush.

Meals sets the table with an absolute stunner of a track, ‘Phases’, produced by Tora. It was love at first bite! All throughout ‘Breakfast’, Meals draws you closer in to his crystal landscape of fat, crispy tones with a spoken word, so clear and honest that even your pets will understand every bit of his poetic helix.

In the third track, ‘Fool’, featuring Clyvve, there are some absolutely beautiful lines like ‘ … the food just makes it easier to speak about emotions, what I really mean is oceans never leak it’s just the motion of the sea … ’

The chorus sung by Clyvve has some really clever harmonies. Throughout all seven courses of ‘Breakfast’, the flavour keeps a consistent freshness as it travels from deep, almost meditative states, to high-energy, New Age dub-hop.

The final track, ‘Flammable Avalanches’ is the perfect last bite. With another of my favourite lines, ‘Earth is one lovely place for birth so let’s respect the air we breathe ’cos it was here first.’

I’m always so stoked to hear Meals’ creations and collaborations. He’s not just a musical genius, he’s also a really lovely fellah. The world is a richer place for this man and the release of his new artwork. A mild warning though, this EP will make you hungry. I’m not kidding. Breakfast, when it’s as hearty as this, will always make you think about the next meal and I tell you, I’m already hanging for lunch!

You might see him back out on the road with Tora or The Lovely Days and I hear talk of future touring plans for Meals, so keep your ear to the ground and folks, please remember to bring your own condiments to the shows.


Review written by Tim Bennett for Mojo Junction – ‘Artists on Artists’

Buy ‘Breakfast’ on Bandcamp

Listen to ‘Breakfast’ on Soundcloud

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