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Veganissimo Cookbook Review Veganissimo Cookbook Review Veganissimo Cookbook Review

On 13, Jan 2014 | In | By jane

Veganissimo Cookbook Review


(Arbon Publishing)

Leigh Drew has been cooking delicious and innovative *vegan food for over a decade now and her passion and flair for the pursuit has not remotely dimmed. Her latest cookbook Veganissimo! takes the reader on a colourful culinary journey through over 120 exciting vegan recipes.

Drew, a Sydney-based vegan chef and author, is an active advocate of fresh, whole and ethical food practices and her heartfelt and informative introduction for her readers is testament to that. You’ll learn a little about balancing a plant-based diet and have a few vegan nutrition myths dispelled.

Drew aims to demystify and simplify both vegan ideology and practice by creating simple and easy to follow recipes for everyone and anyone. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan, an omnivore or an inbetweener, Veganissimo! is sure to offer you some recipes that inspire your inner chef and make your mouth water: Hazelnut Chocolate Torte, Spring Vegetable Cannelloni with Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce and Mixed Mushroom and Walnut Pate to name a few. The book also delves into all of the mainstay ingredients of vegan cuisine and equips the cook-to-be with a host of information on preparation skills and tools of the trade.

I’m not a vegan myself, but I adore vegan cuisine when it’s done well, and Leigh Drew does it very well indeed. This recipe book has it all, as Drew explains in her own words, ‘from soft and comforting stews to fresh and crunchy salads, hearty burgers to healthy wraps, tender noodles to perfectly cooked quinoa, there are tantalizing textures and bursts of flavour in every bite, as well as vivid colors provided by a bounty of vegetables, fruits and herbs.’

Personally, I can’t wait to try out the Coconut, Ginger and Lime Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis (holy wow!). Then I think I’ll try my hand at the Baked Ricotta (how does she do it?). And tonight? The savoury and very mouth-watering Three Bean Chocolate Chili served with Yellow Garlic Rice…that’s if I don’t cave and try the Angel Hair Pasta with Creamed Eggplant and Avocado sauce first! So many exciting—not enough meals in the day. Highly recommended reading and eating for any and every food lover.


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*For those of you who are a little hazy on the definition, a vegan eats no animal flesh or products. This includes meat of course as well as dairy, honey, eggs, gelatin and more. Many vegans also avoid using non-food products made from animals such as leather, as well as refraining from using any products tested on animals. All in all, a very ethical lifestyle choice that also minimises one’s environmental impact by not creating further demand for animal products and processing.


Review & photography by Carla Versitano