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On 17, Jul 2015 | In | By jane

5 minutes with Leisha from: This Way North

Brand new Melbourne duo ‘This Way North’ have just released a single, and a video clip creatively shot in a Brunswick warehouse. This month Mojo Junction was lucky enough to spend 5 minutes with vocalist/guitarist Leisha Jungalwalla. 

This Way North is a relatively new project for you and Cat Leahy. How did you two come to start playing music together?

Cat and I actually met when we were touring with other bands in Canada. We hung out at a sweet little festival called Arts Wells in British Columbia and then realised we lived about 500m from each other in Melbourne. We started with a few casual jams and really enjoyed playing music with each other. I asked her to guest on a solo show of mine; we had so much fun that we continued to jam and this inevitably lead to writing and creating music together.

You have distinctive style going on. How did you arrive at playing just as a duo?

We have both never played in just a duo before and relished the different challenge that came with making music with just two people, how to fill in the sound, read each other and what came from the writing process. I never really occurred to us to find someone else as we have both played in bands before and this was something so different and fun.

The film clip was made in a Brunswick warehouse. Can you tell me your favourite parts about the shoot?

This shoot was so much fun. It was just Agostino Saldati (who made the clip), Cat and myself for most of the day so the small team made it really easy and relaxed, which transferred onto the screen. I thought I would get sick of playing the song over and over again but each time we started I would just get swept up in it, dance around and enjoy playing music with Cat.

What’s happening for the launch at the Spotted Mallard?

We are so excited to be launching the single and I guess also launching This Way North officially as a band too. We have been working really hard behind the scenes to get our material ready so we can now focus on delivering really strong performances and continue to write and create more music.

Do you have plans to release a record and hit the road?

We will certainly be releasing more music from the studio sessions we recorded with Shane O’Mara back in April. We recorded several songs that will be ready soon to release out into the world and we are really excited for people to hear the different sounds we created on the tracks. We definitely have plans to be hitting the road in October and November this year and will be playing as many shows as we can.


Interview by Aurora Jane


Check out the This Way North live @ Spotted Mallard, Brunswick – Sat 18 July, 2015

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