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Strawberry Fields Tartine Strawberry Fields Tartine Strawberry Fields Tartine

On 27, Mar 2015 | In | By jane

Strawberry Fields Tartine


Green spring tendrils are beginning to wind their way up lattices in the March air of California. The farmers’ markets are spilling over with dozens of the sun-kissed varietals of our year’s first strawberries. Strolling and sampling, I found each strawberry’s dimpled skin still laden with the sun’s warm golden rays. The pea shoots unquestioningly cast their spiralling tendrils out to latch onto the bright flavors of those Sweet Anne strawbs. I knew they had to be together. So I paid a pretty penny, packed ‘em in my purse and clogged off home to make some brunch tartines, where they could happily rest on a bedspread of chèvre until their dying day. Their lives were short but sweet.

To fulfill your Strawberry Fields fantasy, you will need:

A warm sunny day

Some soft psychedelic music written by Lennon-McCartney

Toast. Preferably sourdough. And butter of course, as toast is not toast without butter


Good quality balsamic vinegar or reduced balsamic

Bee pollen

Black pepper

Pluck, and place your spring fling onto their cheesy chaise, and sprinkle, drizzle and devour!


 Recipe and photography by Megan McCulloch


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