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Emerging Artist Spotlight: Nathan May Emerging Artist Spotlight: Nathan May Emerging Artist Spotlight: Nathan May Emerging Artist Spotlight: Nathan May

On 30, Nov 2015 | In | By jane

Emerging Artist Spotlight: Nathan May

Adelaide’s Nathan May is a super-talented young Indigenous songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He’s in the studio this month recording his debut EP ‘Reflections’. Mojo Junction spent 5 minutes with Nathan to hear a little about the recording, his story, and the song-writing process.

1) You’re in the studio in Adelaide right now making an EP, how is it all going?

It’s going really great. This is my first time being in a real good-quality studio, so it’s a whole new experience. The music is sounding great, it’s all about the music, so I am really happy that the recording process is going smoothly.

2) Can you share a little about the musicians, engineer and producer of the record?

Well, I decided to produce this CD myself with the help of my good friends that have played in the studio with me. I’ve been playing music with the bass player for a bit over four years, and the other mates I have only just recently played with. The engineer is the great Mick Woodley, who has worked with a number of artists like myself. He’s a very intelligent guy.

3) Can you tell us a bit about the EP?

My EP is called Reflections. The songs that are on the EP were written during or in response to real events. I reflect back on my life as I listen to some of these songs, consider the mistakes I have made and also my achievements. It all comes down to my life at the end of the day, and how I felt when I wrote these songs. I hope people can feel the way I felt when I wrote this songs, and try to picture a story in their minds, cause that’s what songs are in my opinion, stories reflecting back on life.

4) Did these songs come together over a number of years, or are they new?

Most of these songs came together over time, and others are songs I wrote in twenty minutes. I did not expect the songs to sound how they do now when I first wrote them.

5) Do you have plans to tour the EP once it is complete?

I am doing an EP launch in Adelaide during the Fringe Festival late February. If people really like the songs I will try and get around to different places in Australia.


For updates check out Nathan May’s FaceBook


Interview by Aurora Jane




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