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My Peace River: Part 2 My Peace River: Part 2 My Peace River: Part 2 My Peace River: Part 2 My Peace River: Part 2 My Peace River: Part 2 My Peace River: Part 2

My Peace River: Part 2

This is a follow up article to Mojo Junction’s previous feature that introduced My Peace River, a project created in response to the threat of the Site C dam on the Peace River Valley in north-eastern British Columbia. The following is intended to keep readers up to date on the developments, struggles and small triumphs of the Treaty 8 First Nations and local farmers and ranchers as they fight to save Canada’s most endangered river.

A quick update on the 8.8-billion-dollar Site C dam proposed and approved by the provincial and federal governments of Canada which would flood and destroy 57,000 acres of First Nations traditional territory, class-one agricultural land, and many multi-generational farms and ranches for the purpose of hydro-electric power. Preliminary work has started on the mega-dam in the form of infrastructure and roads, however construction of the actual dam has not commenced. This is a current and timely issue. It is important to bring awareness to the Peace Region and the potential impending destruction the Site C dam would bring. Grassroots initiatives such as My Peace River are one way to spread that awareness.

My Peace River, created by Jody Peck (Miss Quincy) and Jodie Ponto, is a multimedia snapshot of the people, stories, and life in the Peace Valley. It is an artistic celebration and documentation of the Peace—even through the challenges and developments of the Site C dam. The purpose of My Peace River is to bring awareness to the region. It is a collaboration between everyone who has a connection to Peace Valley and forms a cohesive picture of what stands to be lost forever if the Site C dam is constructed.

In a few short months,  My Peace River has created a social media platform that now reaches thousands of people and receives contributions from the Peace Region and beyond. The content is curated by the My Peace River co-creator Jodie Ponto and shows how diverse the region truly is. Please join our online community on FaceBook and Instagram  to spread the word far and wide.

In conjunction with the social media platform, My Peace River is creating art inspired by the Peace Valley. For one week during the summer’s golden hour, a group of talented and dedicated artists came together on the banks of the Peace River to share their voices through song, photos and video. Here is the first video in the My Peace River series:

I Belong

Composed and performed by Jody Peck with Twin Peaks on the banks of the Peace River—the place these musicians were born and raised. Please share this video using the hashtag #mypeaceriver, please use your voice and networks to save the mighty Peace Valley from destruction.

I Belong Right Here is the first in a series of four videos to be released. An EP of songs, recorded live on the banks of the Peace River by Marc L’Esperance, is also set to be released early December 2015. You can pre-order your own copy here. All funds raised from the sale of the EP go towards supporting the Treaty 8 First Nations in their court challenges to fight the Site C dam.

To get yourself educated on all the issues faced by the Treaty 8 First Nations and the land owners in the Peace Region visit:


Support the cause: Pre-order a copy of: I Belong Right Here

Connect with My Peace River:






Feature by Jody Peck (Miss Quincy), photos from ‘My Peace River‘ by Laura Duncan, Jodie Ponto, Jody Peck, Parkamus, Sage Burly, Verena Hoffman


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