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Magic Garden Magic Garden Magic Garden Magic Garden

On 14, Oct 2013 | In | By jane

Magic Garden

231 Battersea Park Road, London

An alternative lifestyle sanctuary in the south London suburb of Battersea, this ‘Festival Boutique’ pub oozes with vibe. It’s like Glastonbury without the mud, and with gourmet food on hand. Owned by three partners with extensive creative industry experience, their combined talents have built a vision beyond a simple venue. The Magic Garden is an entire scene.

With a lavishly designed interior combining everything from fairy lights to floral displays, antique furniture to stencil art and a stage boasting pink sparkly disco carpet, when at the Magic Garden one feels the warm glow of a thriving London sub-culture.

The music programming is world-class, often featuring large touring acts and festival favorites. From folk, to gypsy, to reggae and beyond, seeing music in this intimate setting with a quality mix is always a memorable experience.

Step outside and discover a massive ‘beer garden’, although this goes far beyond a mere beer garden with its marquee, couches, lamps and coffee tables. It’s an outdoor labyrinth of cozy spots to enjoy the delightful menu of food and selected drinks. And don’t worry about the London cold, these guys will supply you with blankets and hot water-bottles!

The kitchen boasts a gourmet menu at affordable prices (well, for London anyway)! Options are diverse with plenty of vegetarian dishes. Menu items include: fried salmon (pictured); goat brie, beet and green been yoghurt salad (pictured) and hearty Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak, served with portobello mushrooms, chips & peppercorn sauce.

From the moment we arrived at Magic Garden, we felt a warm welcome. The Magic Garden is a home away from home, a place where community and culture thrive, and the staff are so friendly you feel like you’ve known them for years. A rare and precious discovery. Next time I’m in London, in the words of Arnold Schwarzennegger, ‘I’ll be back’.


Photography and article by Aurora Jane