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Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping

On 27, Mar 2015 | In | By jane

Flow Hive: Modern Innovation in Beekeeping

If you haven’t already heard about the overnight success of ‘Flowhive™’, the biggest leap in beekeeping since 1852, now is your chance! If you are already familiar with the ‘just turn the tap’ concept, here you can find out a little more, directly from the inventors of the technology. This month, Mojo Junction was lucky enough to spend five minutes with Stuart and Cedar Anderson.


Flow™ hive’s success story is so inspiring it has the whole world talking! Did you expect the launch to have this kind of magnitude?

CEDAR: I had hoped we’d go over the $70K goal on Indiegogo and suspected we would, but no way did anyone predict how fast that would happen and how high it would go. It’s really been overwhelming.

STUART: It’s gone well beyond my expectations. It’s really gratifying to see there are so many people out there that love bees as much as we do.


The Flow™ hive technology was developed and tested over a period of five years. Where do you expect Flow™ hive to be in five years time?

CEDAR: Right now we’re really focused on meeting our obligations to our Indiegogo supporters and spending a lot of time on manufacturing and logistics, and getting Flow™ hives out to the world.

STUART: Five years ago, I would never have predicted we’d have come this far, so for me to try to predict where we’ll be in five years’ time would be foolish. But we will continue our work in making agriculture more sustainable and helping people better connect with the food they eat and the natural world more broadly.


As always, alongside global ‘hype’ for a great new idea, there are scores of disbelievers. Has this been frustrating, or amusing?

CEDAR: I think whenever you bring out something new, there’re going to be people who think it’s a scam or people set in their ways who just aren’t willing to take on a new idea. It’s to be expected so mostly it doesn’t bother me. I guess it’s not so much frustrating as it is bewildering, especially when it’s from people who haven’t used one and haven’t read the Q&As on our website, However, the positivity about what we’re doing more than makes up for it. There’s so much excitement, and we’re really grateful for all the support. It’s been amazing.

STUART: There really isn’t much criticism and it pales in comparison to the outpouring of support we’ve received. We’re getting emails from so many people thanking us for our invention. People with a background in bees who had to stop for some reason or another are now able to start keeping bees again as they no longer need a shed or a centrifuge to harvest the honey. They just turn a tap.


Do you hope to see Flow™ hive contribute to global awareness about declining bee populations?

STUART: We hope so. Bees are fascinating creatures with which humans have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship for many thousands of years. They are a crucial part of the food chain. We’re glad to have contributed to the conversation the world needs to be having about the future of bees, and the role they play in agriculture as well as the broader ecosystem. We hope, too, that Flow™ hive will make beekeeping more accessible to a range of people in a range of environments, and ultimately lead to higher numbers.


What is on the immediate horizon for Flow™ hive in response to the start-up campaign?

CEDAR:  Our primary focus now is fulfilling the Indiegogo orders. We have some ideas, but don’t know for sure what’s going to happen after. We’re just going to stay on this wild ride and see where it takes us. The ultimate goal is to make agriculture more sustainable and make the world a better place. That will underpin everything we do.


Interview by Aurora Jane. Photography by Mirabai Nicholson McKellar


Flow™ hive are in the final days of their Indiegogo campaign, for those who have already queried, affordable shipping rates worldwide have now been finalised, but will increase after the campaign ends.


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