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Earth to Table – Cafe Review Earth to Table – Cafe Review Earth to Table – Cafe Review Earth to Table – Cafe Review

On 31, Mar 2014 | In | By jane

Earth to Table – Cafe Review

Earth to Table

85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia +61 2 9029 1755

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Bohemian sun-kissed well-being seekers breeze in and out of this modestly chic café that teems with all things good. Its bright and friendly ambience welcomes you into the homely and non-pretentious yet happening atmosphere.

Both my lascivious hedonistic cravings, and my ultra-health-conscious inner guru were immediately triggered by the sight of their gourmet raw vegan cheesecakes and rich chocolate slices. You might have thought that unanimous reaction was impossible to this degree, but no, to the contrary. Everything served at Earth to Table is raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free. Hard to imagine, but they pull it off seamlessly, delectably and with the utmost care in presentation.

The menu is heavy on drinks—tonics, fresh juices, super-food smoothies, cold-pressed drip coffee, chai and an assortment of blended teas. Then they have a short-but-sweet selection of ridiculously healthy breakfasts ($10-$15), salads ($12 – $15) and mains ($15), and the remainder is an array of sweets and treats that sit just under $10 a pop.

I sat in the midst of the light-filled front area and noticed the conversations of hot yoga, general wellbeing, and gluten-free alternatives float past me, as I snapped photos of the gorgeously plated desserts coming up on the kitchen pass.

Allowing their very friendly staff to order for me, I ended up with their most popular dishes: garlic bread with chimichurri dipping oil, pesto rainbow pasta with rocket and avocado, and finally the pear and ginger cheesecake.

Not your average garlic bread—made from almond pulp and dehydrated rather than cooked—it was dense but extremely soft and had just the right amount of bite. The fresh-pressed olive oil used in their chimichurri shone through the earthy herbaceous mix.

The raw rainbow pasta—if you are confused as to what this is, it’s long strips of various vegetables, namely zucchini, beet and carrot, which they marinate in a citrus or vinegar sauce if sorts, so that it softens ever so slightly but retains the robust vegetable crunch. The texture of this humbling dish was perfect, and with the vital fresh flavors, you could actually taste the love it was made with—just as advertised.

On to the main course—vegan cheesecake. This was indeed my first vegan ‘cheesecake’ experience and I must say I was a skeptic. But wow, once again the texture was what most astonished me—almost identical to a cheese cheesecake, but it left me feeling light and invigorated, unlike a heavy dairy-based cheesecake. The pear and ginger sang with Asian notes and made this cheesecake a winner. I might even (inner health-guru coughs and clears throat triumphantly) rate this over most dairy cheesecakes you would find.

The sweeping health-food movement of recent years has finally made incredible steps towards making food that satisfies the palates of proclaimed foodies and food pleasure-seekers such as myself, and I couldn’t be happier. Earth to Table is a glowing example of this, and if you’re on that path, I couldn’t recommend it more!


Review & photography by Megan McCulloch 

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