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On 31, Jan 2015 | In | By jane

4 a.m. Text. Happy Valentine from Vancouver poet C.R. Avery

C.R. Avery: Outlaw, hip-hop harmonica player, beat-box poet, rock & roll matador. Whether performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall, or to a House Concert lounge-room in Brunswick his ability to intimately connect with an audience is testament to his genius. He spent a few minutes with us this month to share his thoughts on Valentines Day.


1) Do you consider yourself a romantic?

Not in a ‘she loves you, yeah yeah’ kind of way.

2) Love, desire or politics? Which is the primary motivation behind your work?

Lately, what ever turns me on.

3) Do you believe in the healing power of words?

They can make a face go all distorted, and make people shift in their seats before heading out the door. Healing or no healing, they got power.

4) Tell me the story behind ‘4 a.m Text’

Needed a song, popped it out at 4 am laughing out loud till the morning arrived with the finished lyric.

5) How often do you say the phrase ‘I love you’?

Every morning with my coffee


Want more? You can hear C.R. live on Mojo Junction Podcast right here


Interviewed by Aurora Jane



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