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Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution

On 27, Sep 2015 | In | By jane

Cleaning Products: A Quiet Revolution

I’ve always had the heart of a quiet revolutionary. Women like Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, and Virginia Woolf have inspired and delighted me. I felt like there was too much inside me to hold it all in neatly. I was messy and wild and sat on buses cross-legged with both feet on the seats.

Although I never carried a torch into rebellion like a courageous Joan of Arc, I always liked to be open to how things could be different. How things could be done better. I wanted to be open to change. So this month I was curious when I came across a site describing the joys of making your own cleaning products. It didn’t take long to read it, and I was converted. It really was one of those red pill, blue pill moments. I mean why in the great holy heavens above are we spraying expensive toxic chemicals around the house and on our bodies when our own home made products are cheaper, greener, healthier and smell better! I tell you, it’s been a revelation. I know that making your own cleaning products won’t be the wildest thing you’ve ever done, but I promise you it will give you a lovely feeling of satisfaction that you can do it yourself and do it better.

I’ve loved feeling like a wild white witch concocting my brew of sweet-smelling sprays and scrubs. It’s very easy too—I mean I’m a mama and a full-time business woman, and my husband will vouch for me when I tell you that I ain’t no Stepford wife.


Here’re some of the fab recipes that have been big winners so far:


Liquid Dish Soap

2½ cups boiling water

1 tbs borax (I buy this in bulk online)

I tbs washing soda

2 tbs white vinegar

½ cup castile soap (I buy in bulk online too, but Dr Bronner’s will work just as well)

10 drops essential oil of your choice (citrus is nice for this)



Bathroom Cleaner

1 tsp borax

½ tsp washing powder

3 tbs vinegar

10 drops essential oil

2 cups hot water

½ tsp liquid soap

(Note: add the castile soap after you’ve added the water. If castile soap is added to straight vinegar it will curdle)


Winter Body Wash With Coconut, Honey, and Eucalyptus

¼ cup honey

¼ cup coconut oil (warmed and melted)

½ cup castile soap

20 drops vitamin E oil

20 drops eucalyptus oil

This liquid body soap lathers up into luxurious suds and leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturised.


Article, recipes and photography by Nina Gibbs



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