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An online magazine 2013-16. Artists on artists. Music, food, travel, art and culture. Now a tribute to our late editor Susie Surtees (2/6/53-22/7/18)

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On 14, Oct 2013 | In | By jane

Aphro Cuisine

Discover the philosophy of Aphro Cuisine, not only a seductive culinary and sensory experience, but a way of life. Learn to benefit from, and enjoy more deeply, the intrinsic pleasure and vital energy that food brings us everyday. This is an introduction to Aphro’s blog and guide to sensual food, which also allows you to peek into the Aphro pop-up dining experience. Be seduced as you are inducted into the world of sensuous eating…

Featuring: Megan McCulloch

Produced & Edited by: James Gessner & Dean Pioli

Music: ‘Broken Love’, Runaways UK, Three Sixty Records