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20 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coconut Oil 20 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coconut Oil 20 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coconut Oil 20 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coconut Oil

On 01, Oct 2014 | In | By jane

20 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coconut Oil

So I have a whole jar of organic coconut oil here – what can I do with it?

It’s not much of an overstatement to say that it’s probably easier for me to list what you CAN’T do with coconut oil as it has such a plethora of applications for everything from head lice to weight loss. It doesn’t take a genius to know that it feels like heaven when you rub it anywhere on your body. Yes, it’s a brilliant natural moisturiser – safe to use everywhere (and I mean everywhere). You can use it to treat dry, damaged hair or skin and it’s also brilliant for soothing burns and cuts (when in healing stages – not initial stages). It’s naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well as being able to wipe out parasites. It is purported to aid digestion, ease arthritis, and support the immune system amongst a host of other things. Mojo Junction presents:


20 Weird and Wonderful Ways To Use Coconut Oil


1. Use instead of butter, shortening or other oils in pastries, crusts, crumbles and baked goods (yes, safe to use coconut oil for this cooking).

2. Treat head lice and fleas on pets.

3. Rub it into your scalp to treat dandruff/dry scalp. Also works on pets with dry skin patches and hot spots.

4. Dab or rub onto blemishes or pimples to make them disappear faster (some suggest mixing with nutmeg too).

5. Whip it up in a mixer and make a fluffy moisturizer for face and body that will stay soft and keep well.

6. Use it to remove make-up instead of using nasty chemical concoctions.

7. Mix with tea tree oil and use on tinea feet or fungal infections. Use without the tea tree on sensitive areas.

8. Rub it on the inside of your nostrils to prevent dryness when travelling in planes, when exposed to air-con for extended periods or if you have a cold and are blowing a lot.

9. Use to soothe rashes and skin irritations.

10. Use it as massage oil (remember, it’s safe for use everywhere on the body – catch my drift).

11. Mix with baking soda for a non-toxic cleaning agent (excellent for removing tough sticky bits).

12. A few spoonfuls a day will improve thyroid function and boost the immune system as well as being a tonic for joints and ligaments in the body.

13. Mix with baking soda and dab under arms for a natural deodorant (haven’t trialed this – but maybe add a few drops of natural essential oil as well).

14. Use it as lip balm.

15. Massage into breastfeeding nipples to prevent or soothe cracks.

16. Rub onto scars and stretch marks to help them fade – or use when pregnant to prevent stretch marks.

17. Speaking of pregnant, you can use it as a lubricant when you’re getting frisky (but not safe to use with latex).

18. Helps treat thrush and both internal and external yeast conditions.

19. Use to remove chewing gum from your hair (wish I’d known that back when I used to take the bus home from school).

20. AND apparently feeding it to your dog helps to eliminate doggie breath – well wonders never cease!


Article & photography by Carla Versitano


*Note: Mojo Junction is not qualified to give professional medical advice so if you have a condition mentioned here and it needs attention please seek the counsel of a medical professional before lathering yourself in coconut oil and hoping it will go away.


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