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Rez Poetry (2014)

6th March 2016 by jane


It’s evident from the get-go that Leonard is a talented wordsmith with wisdom to share that would likely earn him the title of song-man if he hailed from Australia.  All the way from the Little Saskatchewan First Nation in Manitoba, Leonard is an Anishinaabe MC and singer song-writer whose music and lyrics hold something so precious that they often leave audiences with goose bumps and tears in their eyes, as they accompany him through life’s lessons.

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Elementary Carnival Blues (2016)

6th March 2016 by jane…carnival-blues/ ‎

Adam Young’s debut album—‘Elementary Carnival Blues’—entered my world on the way back to Sydney from Illawarra Folk Festival. I was sitting in the back seat of a mate’s car, the Bulli clay drying on our boots as the waning late afternoon sun streamed through the glass. We were mildly hung over, satiated by the fun we’d had, and Young’s songs provided the final decadence of the weekend.

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I Can Live Forever EP (2016)

6th March 2016 by jane

Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets are an almost indefinable party band from Edmonton, Alberta. They are rock & roll. They are punk. They are psychedelic. They’re even a little pop. The list just does not end. But whatever it is, it’s undeniably unique and it’s also fantastic.

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