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An online magazine 2013-16. Artists on artists. Music, food, travel, art and culture. Now a tribute to our late editor Susie Surtees (2/6/53-22/7/18)

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Photography: Creative Acts of Remembrance and Belonging

Seasonal Migrations for Celebration. And for Love

Lost and found. Travel explored.

Cooks’ Journeys: Everyday Alchemy

Bearings: Positioning Ourselves in Time and Space via Small Treasures

Chillies: Pleasure and Pain
And a Recipe: Double Pleasure—Chocolate-Clad Crystallised Chillies

Why Art Museums Matter. Visits to Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology, and Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario

Cafés: More Than Just Coffee

Get a Room. The Gift of Freedom

Love Revisitable: The Power of the Handwritten Letter

Mojo Junction:

A Creative Collective
Magazine (2013-2016)

Music. Culture. Art. Food. Travel. Lifestyle.

Welcome to Mojo Junction, an online community of creatives from across the globe. We shared stories in monthly magazine format from 2013-2016. The magazine was edited by the late Susie Surtees (2/6/53-22/7/18). This website is now a tribute to the incredible writing of our late editor Susie, with her pieces showcased as all 10 of the main page features. Within the menus, and music reviews featured on the main page you can find material by other contributors under a number of categories. Welcome to the community.

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On the Gold EP (2015)

21st August 2018 by jane


On her latest EP Oh The Gold, Melbourne artist Ainslie Wills shines a bright light on the beauty and fragility of the human condition. Alongside longtime writing partner Lawrence Folvig and Brisbane producer Matt Redlich, her latest musical offerings come to life with stunning depth and intricacy. Each track unveils the perfect union of concept and production. This is soul-enriching, world-class art with a timeless pop sensibility.

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Unraveling (2015)

11th August 2018 by jane

cover square version brighter

This Melbourne male/female duo is so undeniably distinctive, creative and experimental, that their music reaches far beyond the scope of multi-genre, it is multi-dimensional. In a world of myriad musical influences, there are few musicians who can perfectly balance the ability to deeply personify a multitude of genres in both technique and intent. For The Imprints, this appears as an effortless mastery, as they skip stones across the sonic landscape, inviting us into an intricate universe of life painted by bow in a palette of rosin.

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LIVE @ NSC, Melbourne, 5 July 2015

11th August 2018 by jane

Liz sq

There’s nothing better than a matinee show in the Melbourne wintertime. A few Sundays back, a couple of hundred bodies crammed into the dark, carpeted Melbourne institution: The Northcote Social Club band room. The crowd eagerly awaited songs to soothe the winter chill. Brooke Russell played a welcoming solo set of country tunes as folks rolled in, and by the time Liz and her band hit the stage she delivered a vibe synonymous with her most recent studio album ‘Warm in the Darkness’.

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